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Domestic Marketing

Expand global sales and marketing network

The fierce market competition, limited financing channels for Savor see, to implement further transformation implementation difficult, further expand the scale and long-term development of the company which also had an impact. To break the monopoly of foreign brands of high-end sewing machine this long history of relying on technological innovation and Savor, implementation of brand strategy and internationalization strategy, to adapt to "the internationalization of the domestic market, the international competitiveness of domestic" in the new competitive landscape, promote the use of the capital markets industrial development, strengthen cooperation with large domestic and foreign companies and joint dealers to promote domestic export expansion; low-cost expansion through acquisitions, mergers and other ways to expand the business scale, to accelerate the pace of development and enhance their overall strength. 

1996, Savor became the first company in the industry norm that "regional agency" business. Currently, Savor in the world to establish a sound sales network, launched a unified vision of 4S stores, and including the establishment of more than 100 distributors, including more than 700 authorized dealers marketing system. "Savor" whole category registered trademark in over 100 countries and regions, the products are exported to the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe and more than 100 countries and regions.

Savorestablish a unified vision of 4S stores in the world