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Special Sewing

▇ SR373D/1377D High Speed Button Attaching Sewing Machine Series

◆ Stitch Samples

◆ Function

The machine adopts take-up lever,hook thread catching and cam mechanism for feeding and finally forms a chain stitch. It has a stable nature and through simple adjustment,it can be adopted to sew buttons of different specifications. Its maximum sewing speed reaches 1500 stitches per minute. With a smooth performance,the seam stitches are always graceful,accurate and reliable. The unique stopping device helps to slow up the impact force at ceasing. The thread-cutting is neat due to presser foot is used for lifting the interlock and simple thread-cutting mechanism is adopted. 

◆ Superior performance makes sewing easier and more reliable

Beautiful appearance,excellent operation 

Since the thread knot is securely tied,the last stitch is unlikely to loosen.

Beautiful appearance,excellent operation

Using optimization improved parking agencies to ensure the accuracy of parking time.

Button size adjusting mechanism

Off-line-preventing adjusting mechanism

One-word and ten-word optional wrench

◆ Product Parameters