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Special Sewing

▇ SR3020Large Format High Speed Computer Controlled Pattern Sewing Machine

◆ Stitch Samples

◆ Function

The machine uses high-precision linear guide,so that more accurate trace sewing thread;accurate needle,sew exquisite stitch;needle consistently strong force,sewing thick material more easily;maximum sewing speed 2,700stitch/min; Lower power consumption,more economicall and practical;high precision and high accurancy to create the perfect boutique

◆ Superior performance makes sewing easier and more reliable

Machine needle strong implementation capacity,sewing thick material more easily

Compared with traditional models,equipment power direct drive motor using computer more strong. No matter in high-speed sewing or low-speed sewing can obtain strong needle penetration force,sewing thick material more easy and simple

Large color LCD touch display

Adopt large color touch-screen display panel,intelligent reader icon,make user easy to operate.

The nachine supports a broader pange of materials and various sewing specifications

The machine can be used for free oattern stitching,parts sewing,reinforcement stitching,ect.examples of applica-tions include the attaching of lables,emblems and name labels,the attaching of velcro,verious shape-tacking and special bartacking.

In order to prevent from skipping and thread-breakage,the presser foot motion will go with the thickness of fabric automatically.

◆ Product Parameters