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Special Sewing

▇ SR2210A/1310A High Speed Computer Controlled Pattern Sewing Machine

◆ Stitch Samples

◆ Function

SR2210/1310 is electro-mechanical intergration professional sewing equipment which combined precision machinery and computer technology. This type of machine adopt touch-screen display panel,make user easy to operate,and directly.It is real realizing intelligent operation;it can use USBdirectly input sewing patterns. Easily know the setting of machine and program input,confirm the input status or failure immediately,and make the operation easy and convenient. The machine can memory about the used the patterns and no need input the pattern again. This machine use the advanced digital electronic control,Combined with pattern editing function it's suitable for all kinds of the heavy materials and leather. Also can sewing and enhances all of patterns about the small materials. For example,marks,brand and label,meanwhile for some speciallu tacking,like Chrysanthemum hole of hat and belt

◆ Superior performance makes sewing easier and more reliable

High energy saving let sewing work more easy and relax

It adopt direct drive,equipped with low consumption the latest motor.It can reach high sewing under lower power.

High-precision linear guide,let sewing stitch more accurate

High-precision linear guide and exact needle position make sewing stitch more accurate and beautiful.Strong needle pentration makesit easy to dew heavy materials and the highest dpeed is 2700/m.It is a perfect machine of loe power consumption and high precision

Low noise,low vibration,create a comfortable working environment 

It achieve the best design of machine body and rotary mechanism.As well as the best control of direct drive motor and feeding motor. It is significantly lower sewing noise and vibration and reduces operator stress and fatigue to create a comfortable working environment

Large color LCD touch display 

Adopt Large color touch-screen dispaly panel,interlligent reader icon,make user easy to operate.

◆ Product Parameters