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Overlock Sewing

▇ SR737D/747D/757D.High Speed Direct Drive Overlook MachineSewing Machine Series

◆ Stitch Samples

◆ Function

This machine is a multipurpose circutal seam sewing machine that is suitable for sewing the shoulder seam of shirt ,side seam of casual pants,central seam of overcoat and tucked seam of women's weat etc.In ordeer to meet high-quality sewing,it is equipped with back stitching device which can back stitch along the chain line and strenthen the stitch,The sillcone oil device that is adopted for preventing the opper thread fiber or chemical fiber being cut can aviod disiocation or wrinking of the sewing

◆ Superior performance makes sewing easier and more reliable

Much new technology improves quality and bring high efficiency 

It appp;ies dedicated two-way eccentric wheels for synchronized driving.Thtough the control of the line ring by thread hook,the machine can realize back stitch amd perfect stitch can be seen in the wiggling needle

◆ Product Parameters