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Overlock Sewing

▇ SR919 Automa Tic Computerzed Direct Drive Overlock Sewing Machine Serise

◆ Stitch Samples

◆ Function

It is widely used in seam and decorative stitching of all kinds of fabrics ,such as knitted and woven garments,badding articles etc.A variety of stitches can be chosen

◆ Superior performance makes sewing easier and more reliable

Operating system

Using liquid crystal display and menu scrolling design ,it is especially suitable for new opertors to mastor in a short time.

Automatic thread trimmer

Auto trimmer device adopts horizontal cutter ,meeting different technology demands and improving efficiency.

AUtomatic presser foor lifter

Auto foot lifter is realized through compressing air and driving cylinder,relieving the labor intensity of operators.

Photoelectric detection

Photoelectric detection system can automaticalty adjust the strength according to the sewing material,realizing automatic sewing.

Needle bar

The surface of rhe needle bar adopts the international most advanced TICN self-lubricating treatment, surface abrasion resistance of rhe needle bar is greatly improved,prolong the service life of the machine,needle bar position using the forcedoil return a closed system,compietely solve the problem of oil leakage of the needle bar postiton.

Upper looper slide lever

A Convenient small cover increased in the basis of the original design, without removing the upper looer side cover,convenient adjustment snd repair without leakage.

 Product Parameters