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Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing

▇ SR9099 High-Speed Direct Drive Computer-Controlled Lockstitch Sewing Machine Series

◆ Stitch Samples

◆ Function

1.Precision of design,improve working efficiency and sewing quality; 2.Adopt electronic clamp thread trnsion devoice.Sewing stitch more perfect; 3.Built-in aervo motor ,save power most and high efficiency; 4.Automatic cintrol system is adopted,work more efficientiy; 5.Adopt round knife trimming mechanism,thread trimming more perfect; 6.Automatic thread trimming and needle postition function,reduce thread waste; 7.New apperance,QiuJing look to rhe new future.

◆ Superior performance makes sewing easier and more reliable

Adopt electronic clamp thread trnsion devoice,preventing thread-piling phenomenon. 

The stitch deposit phenomenon is prevented for adopt electoronic clamp thread tension devoice and reduced thread waste,saving thread and unnecessary to cut the thread ends.

Unique built-in cold light lamp,saving more and more convebient

Adopt energy-saving auxiliary light adjurtment,convenient and practical.Low power consumotion ,no heat .Adjustable strong cold three grade brightness no need auxiliary lighr.

◆ Product Parameters