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Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing

▇ SR8450D/8750D High Speed Direct Drive Corner Stitch Double-Needle Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine Series

◆ Stitch Samples

◆ Function

This machine adopts two straight needles,vertical-axis rotating hook with self-lubricating feature for catching thread loops and sliding cam take-up to produce two lines of double lockstitch. The needle bar can be engaged and disengaged machanically and the arm shaft and hook shaft are supported by ball bearings. It is provided with synchro tooth belt for driving and piunger pump for lubricating,and knob-type stitch regulator and lever type forward and reverse feeding mechanism. A bobbin thread pullback spring in the bobbin case guarantees the harmony between needle thread and bobbin thread. Besides it features synchronized feeding of needle bar and feed dog. It is recommended for stitching overalls,uniforms,jeans and decorative sewing on bags.

◆ Product Parameters